Sushi Roll Platter Large
Sushi Roll Platter Large

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*We request 30% deposit for order over $300.

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Sushi roll platter

Sliced mixed handrolls ,seafood ,meats and vegetables with soy wasabi and ginger. 

Small. $22.00, Medium $28.00, Large $35.00.

*Seafood only platter will be charged extra  $1.50 for small, $2.50 for Medium, $3.50 for Large.


Sushi (Nigiri) platter

24 pieces of fresh tuna, salmon and cooked prawn on sushi rice served with soy, ginger and wasabi.   $45.00


Rice paper rolls 

Prawn, Chicken teriyaki or Beef teriyaki  $2.00 each,

Roast duck $2.80 each,  

Vegetarian $2.00 each